In Place

In Place

In art, for me, there should be nothing like "A place for everything, and everything in its place."

And why – in non-performing arts - do we focus exclusively on the artwork and so little on the artist at work? While the wording is sometimes the same: photography (the activity or its result), drawing, painting (verb or noun?)

What should an “exhibition” be? A still life (the French call it “dead nature”) of past artworks? An experience? A performance?

And what is the place of the exhibition? The gallery? The street? The city? The world?

Come, and find the art where it will be… and not only in the gallery.

VERNISSAGE 25/5/2024 16-19h
OUVERTURE 25/5-22/6/2024 - je-ve 12-17h sa 11-18h

Rue Florimond Letroye 13, 1300 Wavre