Born in  Malmédy (Belgium) in 1958.

Living in Chastre (Belgium)

Master in Social Communication (1981), speciality Information

Student at Beaux arts in Wavre (2006-2019); graduated in photography (2013) and drawing (2019).

1975 : bought a first camera and telelens with friends
1981 : journalist and film critic in Africa and a first professional camera
2002 : discovers square format and moves to art photography
2005 : first exhibition of a one year work
2009 : starts "closer", the first of his long projects

Shooting side by side with analog (medium and large format) and digital cameras.
Author of multiple exhibitions (also for drawings) and installations.

You love my work ?

Buying my pictures ?

Most of them can be bought. Contact me. Tell me what your plan is (hang them at home, publishing them). What picture you want. And we will for sure find an agreement.

Art prints are unique 1 for each dimension  with a maximum of 5 dimensions for a given picture (exhibition & artist prints not taken into account).

Modelling ?

If you like my style, don't wait. Mail me for more details. Send me also some details about yourselve.


Using my experience to improve your own work ?

As a group ? Let organise a workshop.

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