Starting in january, photography initiation workshop (there is also a film making workshop with Judith Langerôme)

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I'm still looking for TFP (M/F/X) models owning a cat willing to pose (nude) for my #GrabThemByThePussy set.

Brussels / Brabant Wallon / Liege ... or any other place where I would be for any other reason !

Work in Progress

Vanishing Borders

Que deviennent les frontières quand elles meurent ?

Berlin – 14-27 septembre 2017


1400 kilomètres en train, 1400 photos, 314 heures à Berlin, 210 kilomètres à pied, 140 kilomètres en taxi, 128 photos sélectionnées de modèles, 70 kilomètres en voiture, 29 autoportraits, 28 films exposés, 28 pages de notes, 27 films développés, 14 jours, 13 nuits, 8 modèles, du matériel pour 7 de mes projets (Adam & Eve, closer, fuzzy digital, image l(')a(t)tente, kintsugi, naked portrait, vanishing borders), 4 feuilles d’or à 23 carats, 3 Kintsugi, 1 pot de colle, 1 pot de confiture aux fraises, 1 vernissage, 1 visite de musée, 1 visite guidée, et bien d’autres choses encore.


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Work in Progress

Vanishing Borders: Brexit

Ireland - 25 march - april 1st 2018


Almost 2000 km focused on the Irish border, crossing it at least twice every day, asking the people what will happen with the Brexit, how they feel with that. Crossing also other borders in Londonderry/Derry and Belfast.

Three Kintsugis have been left on the Brexit Border.

And now something completely different

Installations in Namur for Volatil(e)

Namur may-july 2018


Three installations at the "Cité artistique Les P'tits Pouyons" in Namur (Belgium).

The building on which these works have been build will be destroyed in late july.


"La Liseuse/(Sh)ebook" a twofold installation where the model is covered with paper. The photographs and the paper sculptures are shown on the location of the shooting.

"L'envolée" where 10 large format tattoo's photographs showing birds give birth to of flock of escaping birds.

"Berlin Wall" with large format prints merged with the actual walls and partly covered by the painting work of Françoise Laporte ("mayflies").

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